The Pre-Cursillo committee processes applications for Cursillo Weekends, keeps the team informed about the candidate applications, and supports sponsors by helping them understand their role and connecting them to information.

During this period, sponsors(i.e. those individuals that have been to the three-day Cursillo weekend and are living the Fourth Day, identify those Catholics who are leading an active Christian life and are a living witness to their love for Christ, recommending their candidacy. It is also the period that selected candidates are informed of what to expect at the three-day weekend and are assisted in appropriate preparations.

How To Be A Great Cursillo Sponsor?

  • Sponsorship is a commitment to the candidate.
  • Pray, pray, pray! Talk to God about the candidate before you talk to the candidate about God.
  • Read the Blue Sponsorship booklet.
  • Make a friend, Be a friend, and Bring a friend to Christ.
  • Not make a friend, be a friend, and bring a friend to Cursillo.
  • Sponsorship is a relationship.
  • Stay in touch with the candidate.
  • Get to know the candidates family.
  • Discuss Group Reunion and Ultreya with you candidate and invite the candidate to your Group
  • Reunion
  • Invite your Group Reunion and Curstiesta's to do Palanca for your candidate.
  • Be sure to get the candidate to the retreat Thursday evening.
  • Attend the Sponsors Prayer Service after your candidate is signed in and taken to their room.
  • Take care of the candidates family during the weekend. Make sure if meals or childcare are needed,
  • that you help in anyway you can.
  • Attend the Closing, and take the Candidate home.
  • Stay in touch with the Candidate and attend their Reunion Ultreaya with them.
  • Help your candidate to find a Group Reunion or have them join your Group Reunion.
  • Encourage the candidate to attend, School of Leaders/Pilgrams Path and Ultreaya's.