Our History

cursillo logo colorIn the early 1960’s, the Holy Spirit blessed our communities and parishes, here in Central Indiana, with His precious Gift of Cursillo. Our first men’s weekend, Men’s Cursillo #1, was held at the Alverna Retreat House, located on Spring Mill Road in Indianapolis, on August 6th thru the 9th, in 1964. The Spiritual Director was Fr. Charles Harris, C.S.C. from the University of Portland in Portland Oregon. Our Rector was Ed Sullivan, who was called in from South Bend, IN, to shepherd our very first male candidates. The team was comprised of 10 priests, 17 laymen and they served 35 candidates. My home parish is Our Lady of Grace in Noblesville, IN and one of the candidates, Bob Dickey, was a long time member of our church community, until he passed away a few years ago. What a blessing he was to the Cursillo Movement.

Our first women’s weekend, Women’s Cursillo #1, was held at the Fatima Retreat House, where it is still located on East 56th Street in Indianapolis, on August 26th thru the 29th, in 1965. The Spiritual Director was Fr. Ralph Larson from Fort Wayne, IN. Our Rectora was Clementine Stein, also of Fort Wayne, who was called in from South Bend, IN, to shepherd our very first female candidates. The team was comprised of 3 priests, 27 laywomen and they served 39 women, 5 of whom were sisters.
Unfortunately, we do not have any records regarding the leadership who organized our original efforts to establish the Cursillo Movement in central Indiana, If you have any information about our early beginnings and the people involved, or that would fill in the blanks, we would be very grateful.

historySince 1964, we have held 112 men’s weekends and 101 women’s weekends and initiated approximately 5800 new Cursillistas. Thank you Holy Spirit!!!!

Currently, we are using SonRise retreat Center in Anderson Indiana, for all of our weekends 9, when we moved from  St. Bernadettes in Indianapolis. For quite some time, we have been sponsoring four weekends per year, two for the men and two for the women. These are being held in March and October.

In 2014, we began  offering weekends in Spanish. Since that time, a group of 30 Latino lay men and woman have been involved in formation, supported by Deacon Domingo Castillo, Deacon Jose Munoz, Carlos Alatorre, National Cursillo and the CICC Secretariat, to be the foundation for establishing a Latino Cursillo Movement in Central Indiana. After our new Cursillistas experience a weekend next February, they will have an established Latino community ready, willing and able to support them in their Fourth Day. We are so thankful for these leaders and thank God for them everyday.

history2In August 2013, CICC  presented two Cursillo de Cursillos, one in English and one in Spanish. Our goal is to develop leadership that will serve the Cursillo Community in Central Indiana for many years to come. The Next Cursillo de Cursillo is planned for 2016.

Also, below you will find a document listing of the Cursillo Weekends that have been held in Central Indiana since 1964, including the Rector or Rectora, the Spiritual Director and the location. Again, if you can help fill in the blanks, or correct any misinformation, your help would be greatly appreciated.

List of Rectors and Spiritual Directors for Men's CICC Weekends

List of Rectoras and Spiritual Directors for Women's CICC Weekends

John Amemis 
Lay Director - CICC (2011-2014)

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