Parish Coordinators

parishCursillo is a Catholic Christian movement recognized by the Roman Catholic Church
It is not a traditional retreat and is best described as an experience. It is an experience discovering a better life and what is fundamental in Christianity.

During the three day weekend, participants receive a deep and profound experience of Christian life:

  • We begin to know ourselves better (encounter self).
  • We experience the presence and love of Jesus Christ (encounter with Jesus).
  • We see the goodness that can be provided by a loving and caring Christian Community (encounter with others).

The weekend helps us experience our Catholic faith more fully. We become motivated to engage in a spiritual life filled with joy, laughter and enthusiasm; and to discover an enhanced relationship with God.

The point of the Cursillo movement is ordinary people steadily growing in the love and service of God and his people for the rest of our lives.

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Please contact the parish coordinator in your parish to learn more about Cursillo.  If you are currently a Cursillista and are looking for a group, please call your parish coordinator for help in locating a group.  If you don’t find Cursillo is in your parish, please contact Ken Corbett at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 317.590.7689.   Ken will be glad to discuss the possibility of helping to bring Cursillo to your parish.

For those who are Parish Coordinators

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