For Existing Cursillistas

continue the journeyWelcome Cursillista!

How is your fourth day fairing? Are you still continuing the journey?

For some of you, you are going strong and am empowered by a longtime accountability group which helps nurture your journey with companions who love you and pray for you!  For others, life may have gotten in the way for you and somehow you seem that there's no time anymore for anything but to stay afloat.  And for others, you may have already received all you need to receive and are moving on to other tihngs in your life.


You are here.  And you are wondering, maybe, just how to reconnect, how to revitalize, how to dig your roots deeper in your faith!  This page of the site is especially for you sister and brother!  We are exxcited that you are here and hope that your time spent on this site is one that is fruitful, nourishing, and refreshing to your soul.

Ready to get continue the journey with refreshed spirit?

Let's start with Evangelizing within Your Movable Square Meter

Then let's continue by Living Our Fourth Day!

Then we Choose to Exercise the Power of Love

Through this process we Discover Self, Christ and Others

And come to the realization that the Call to Leadership is a Vocation

So continue the journey and know that Christ is counting on you!


Things you can do to enhance your Cursillo Walk!


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