Women's Team 107 - October 19-22

We Welcome Women's Team 107

team 107 group photo

 THEME: Come and Follow Me

October 19-22, 2017

St. Joseph Retreat and Conference Center
1440 W. Division Rd.
Tipton, IN 46072
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Kathy Bochenek is the rectora for the upcoming weekend! Click here to send her a note of prayer!

Team Members

First Name Last Name
Ashley Hyre
Barb  Strasburger
Bridgid Hughbanks
Denise Lunsford
Dusty  Vignes
Fr. Dominic Petan
Jane  Swidan
Jeanne Hodge Degler
Lisa Buescher
Joan  Scimeca
Karla Kinkade
Kathy Senese
Kathy Bochenek
Kerry  Schlimgen
Lisa  Claps
Lisa  Sassman
Louisa LaGrotto
Lynne Neiers
Mary  Timberman
Mindy  Overdorf
Molly Mirande
Nancy  Halsema
Rosemarie Burroughs
Sharon  Bahler
Shirley Young
Sr. Cathy Anne Lepore
Sue Kuphall
Sylvia Brothers
Teresa Gorsage
Tona  Cole
Von Keech
Wilma  Cross

Click here to send her a note of prayer!

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