School of Leaders

A Leader, Who? Me?

During the 3-day Cursillo weekend, the talk on Leaders asks each of us to lead the people in our families, our churches and our community to know the love of Jesus. Now that we have experienced just how much Jesus loves every one of us, He wants us to share that love with everyone else we meet!

The School of Leaders is here to help you continue your Cursillo weekend so you can keep growing in your knowledge of the love of Jesus and learn how the Cursillo movement works in the world.

Cursillo School of Leaders Upcoming Events 

These events for ALL Cursillistas who want to learn more about our movement or who would like to work on a future team

A Cursillo Live Event!A Cursillo Live Event!

Mass, Music, Study, Fellowship: What more could you ask for on a Saturday night?

If Death, Judgement, Heaven, and Hell, are not Dogmatic teachings; Then why does the Church still employ the services of Exorcists?

You have an unique opportunity to gain insights few get to experience. 

Come; join us for a Cursillo Rock'in Good Time!

  • Mass: Holy Rosary Church
  • Music: Special Performance By The Holy Rosary Choir
  • Study: Learn and embrace insights of our Catholic Faith from the unique eyes of an Exorcists
  • Fellowship: Regain the nostalgia of your Cursillo weekend!

OPTIONAL: The evening starts with Saturday Vigil Mass and Confession at Holy Rosary Church.  At 4:30pm

So, click here to register (And Let's Rock This!)

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Thanks for hanging out with us. I look forward to seeing you at this special event.

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Jerry Jacobs Jr.
Central Indiana Cursillo
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