The Role of the Sponsor

sponsor"To whom much is given, much is expected"

Such is the role of the sponsor.  It's not a competition of signing up the most people to make a weekend but rather it begins with a conversation with God about the person you've been praying about.  

It continues through the relationship you build with that person as you get to know his/her journey with Christ.  

Then when God calls you to be his leaven, it's about taking full responsibility for the candidate and leading them through the Cursillo method.  

The method is not the weekend.  

The weekend is only the beginning as you will be integral in cultivating the candidate/Cursillista in Piety, Study, and Action by nurturing his/her fourth day with prayer, palanca, group reunion, Ultreya, and Pilgrims Path.

Click the articles bleow  to read more about the role of a sponsor:

The Sponsor's Booklet.
The Cursillo Movement - What is it? (Your candidate should read this before he/she comes to a weekend)
Guidelines for Sponsoring Married Couples

Finally, it's all about prayer.  It's about asking God to use you to the best of your ability to be Christ in the world.  You may be called to be a sponsor, you may not be. You may just be asked to pray for the candidates or cultivating good relationships with potential candidates.

Remember we are not all called to reap what we sow, but we are all called to be working in the fields...